Do I need Planning Permission for a Pavement Sign?

When it comes to the rules governing Pavement Signs & Signage, there is no national law in the UK which covers this specific area, and it is not administered by the government but your local authority.

Most councils and local authorities apply a sensible approach to the subject and wish to strike a balance between protecting the public and passers by into Cafes, Pubs, Restaurants on high streets whilst allowing businesses to attract people into their establishments and help them thrive. In most cases, if you are going to place the A Board on a public highway you need to get permission, but a sensible and thoughtful approach should be taken generally to keep authorities on your side. Sympathetic positioning is key... not causing an obstruction and choosing the right type of Pavement Sign or A-Board for the location is the right approach. Ensure there is no danger to passers by and that all users of pavements and road areas are not at risk from an unsecured sign. It is also good policy to maintain the signs well, and not leave them outside when your business is closed.

You should have no problem if your Sandwich Board or A Board is displayed on your own land, such as the enclosed area in front of a shop, on a terrace in front of a Cafe or Restaurant or a Forecourt area, in most instances it is deemed as consent, so there shouldn't be any issues with the highways authority.

Pavement Sign Indemnity Insurance

It is essential when considering using pavement signs to check that you have public liability indemnity insurance. This is to cover you if, as a result of your pavement sign, any person suffers an injury caused by your board. If for example they walk into your A-board, trip because of it, or even the unlikely event that it falls on them, you need to make sure you have adequate cover. More often than not it will be required to prove such cover before a council will give you permission to use the sign.

Pavement Sign Licence Information in my Area

A useful link for locating Pavement or Street Display Licence information in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland is to use this link